School / Church groups

Up to 60 learners with a minimum of 1 teacher for every 10 children. Balele Mountain Farms is an ideal venue for special interest groups, leadership camps, Grade 3 tours, adventure outings, Landsdiens groups and Voortrekker teams. Own bedding (sleeping bags and mattresses) and cutlery required. We offer obstacle as well as skills courses, canoeing, hiking, horse-riding, swimming. Landsdiens groups help with fighting erosion and clearing wattles and reeds. Grade 3 tours also do water studies in the abundant streams.

Farm holidays

Come to Balele Mountain Farms during the July school holiday. Enjoy exciting days filled with fun farm activities. Groups of maximum 24 children per week. There will be 6 leaders attending each camp. The leaders help with the activities and all the children and adults sleep in the veldschool house. Early morning animal feeding, chicken, geese, ducks, sheep, handrisen animals, horses. Outrides on trained horses. Target shooting with airguns under qualified adult supervision. Hiking in the mountains. Trail setting and following. Boeresport. Obstacle course. Milking. Skinning antelope and making of biltong, boerewors, dry wors, hamburger patties and mince. Helping with seasonal farming activities such as harvesting of mealies, sheep shearing, working with lambs and calves. Attending auction. Skills testing on the obstacle and skills course used for veldschools. Game viewing. Evening activities include painting, Bible study, board games, learning to make knots, stalk the lantern and night hikes. Farm food: Stick bread, boerewors, mieliepap, soup, braai, stew, hamburgers. The children are divided in groups to help with preparing the meals and cleaning the kitchen afterwards. Own cutlery and bedding (mattresses supplied).