How to get at Balele

Please remember – don’t trust the GPS co-ordinates!! Please follow my via-points as the GPS took 4 guests in 2014 into a vlei behind our farm (4km’s from here) on an unfinished road.

The best route from Johannesburg and Pretoria at this stage is to follow the N17 toll road via Bethal, Morgenson, Amersfoort, Volksrust and Wakkerstroom to us. (This route is just over 350km if you go via Delmas, Devon, and then the N17) / (Via the R21 or via Midrand to the N17 both routes are 305km from Centurion). There are road works on the route Standerton-Volksrust.

At the first robot in Volksrust turn left towards Wakkerstroom. Go all the way through the town of Wakkerstroom and turn right at the last 4-way stop at the “Dop & Tjop” butchery. Carry on this road for 16km’s to Groenvlei and go past the auction kraal (about 700 metres), spaza shop and school. Turn right towards Utrecht between the school and clinic and carry up the mountain for 4km’s (if it rains this road is very slippery – if you stay in the tracks you should be fine). My rock entrance on the right hand side (white board blue writing) – 3,5km’s to the yard, district road D154. Please look out for animals on the gravel road. Please take note that for about 5km before Volksrust the speed limit is 80km’s and if you turn left towards Wakkerstroom there is a speed limit of 60km’s all the way past the settlement outside town (also about 5km’s) There are always speedcops on this road.

From Nelspruit go via Piet Retief, Wakkerstroom and turn left at the first four way stop, follow instructions as above.

The best route from Durban is to go via Ladysmith and Newcastle towards Utrecht. Go through the town of Utrecht (underneath the thatch entrance) – go past the golf course and over a single steel bridge up the mountain. 6km from steel bridge turn to your left towards Wakkerstroom / Groenvlei, travel 19km on this road and get my entrance on the left – 3,5km’s to the yard, district road D154. If you follow the GPS it will take you through the townships of Tugela Ferry and Pomeroy and also to the vlei as mentioned above, please fill in via points.

General information

  1. Please remember to prepare for winter as well as summer weather (I am serious – beanies and sunscreen!!) – especially for the campers. To see our weather visit www.yr.no and type in the name Schurvekopje (it is the only one in the whole world spelled that way) – altitude is 1882.
  2. We have a dog in the veld guarding the sheep – please pay NO attention and please NO feeding – this is our third attempt on these Malution and Anatolian shepherd dogs and due to guests not adhering to this request the others didn’t do their work and stayed at the chalets during weekends. We want to farm “green” without any poison and keep the jackal and lynx in its natural environment, this is the reason we have the dog. We have now twice came about 50 metres from 3 young jackal up at the big dam.
  3. Strictly only fly-fishing allowed – we don’t have any to lend - (rod fees included in chalet costs but R50 extra per rod for campers – this is only a once-off). There are 7 dams that are open for fishing, strictly no fishing past the kraal. The big dam is only open for a limited amount of people, prior arranged and at an extra cost per fisherman per day. (a key for the gate need to be collected on payment).
  4. Please bring own torches and extra lights in case of power failure – this occurs every time we have a thunderstorm. Please be aware that thunder storms up here need to be taken serious – especially if you are fishing with a graphite rod.
  5. Eskom loadshedding can be seen under www.loadshedding.eskom.co.za Kwazulu Natal province, Emadlangeni municipality and the suburb Skurwekoppie.
  6. There is a small shop with a few things like ice, chocolates, chips, cooldrink, scarves, blitz and charcoal. Nearest towns Volksrust 53km, Utrecht 30km and Wakkerstroom 25km.
  7. Unfortunately due to people not obeying the rules we no longer allow quads, off-road motorbikes or loud music except if the entire lodge is booked out by a group. Then the bikes still need to keep to the roads. No riding in the veld allowed.